2013 FIBA Asia Championship schedule in Manila, ticket prices

The schedule of basketball games for 2013 FIBA Asia Championship has been released by the sports’ governing body in its official website manila2013.fibaasia.net.

Update: Philippines vs Iran finals schedule below.

The 27th FIBA Asia Championship will be hosted by Manila, Philippines on August 1-11, 2013, with Mall of Asia Arena and Ninoy Aquino Stadium as venues of the games. Teams were divided into four groups, with each team battling its groupmates once in the preliminary round.

Philippine team Gilas Pilipinas (formerly Smart Gilas) will start defending home territory in a game against Saudi Arabia on August 1 at 8:30PM. Here’s the schedule:

FIBA Asia 2013 schedule – Preliminary

August 1, Thursday – MOA Arena

  • 11:00AM Iran vs Malaysia
  • 1:15PM Jordan vs Chinese Taipei
  • 3:30PM Japan vs Qatar
  • 5:45PM China vs Korea
  • 8:30PM Philippines vs Saudi Arabia
  • 10:30PM Lebanon vs Hongkong

August 1, Thursday – Ninoy Aquino Stadium

  • 6:00PM Kazakhstan vs Thailand
  • 8:30PM India vs Bahrain

August 2, Friday – MOA Arena

  • 11:00AM China vs Malaysia
  • 1:15PM Chinese Taipei vs Saudi Arabiafiba asia schedule
  • 3:30PM Japan vs Hongkong
  • 5:45PM Korea vs Iran
  • 8:30PM Philippines vs Jordan
  • 10:30PM Qatar vs Lebanon

August 2, Friday – Ninoy Aquino Stadium

  • 6:00PM Thailand vs India
  • 8:30PM Kazakhstan vs Bahrain

August 3, Saturday – MOA Arena

  • 11:00AM Malaysia vs Korea
  • 1:15PM India vs Kazakhstan
  • 3:30PM Lebanon vs Japan
  • 5:45PM Iran vs China
  • 8:30PM Philippines vs Chinese Taipei
  • 10:30PM Saudi Arabia vs Jordan

August 3, Saturday – Ninoy Aquino Stadium

  • 6:00PM Bahrain vs Thailand
  • 8:30PM Hongkong vs Qatar

FIBA Asia 2013 Second Round schedule

fiba asia 2013 second round

FIBA Asia Finals schedule

August 11, 2013 at Mall of Asia Arena

  • 5:15PM – CHINESE TAIPEI vs. KOREA (Battle for 3rd)
  • 7:30PM – PHILIPPINES vs. IRAN (Championship Game)

Ticket Prices

Morning Games – MOA Arena

  • Patron A – P300
  • Lower A – P150
  • Lower B – P100
  • Upper A – P75

Evening Games

  • Patron A – P1,500
  • Patron B – P1,200
  • Lower A – P800
  • Lower B – P500
  • Upper B – P175
  • General Admission – P100

All Gilas Pilipinas games will be televised live by TV5 and also be broadcasted at Basketball TV. No word yet if there will be livestream of games in the internet. Source:Fiba Asia Manila site.


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