Kasambahay SSS registration, payment

Kasambahay Law requires employers to register their domestic workers or household employees as members of Social Security System (SSS) starting June 4, 2013.

Republic Act 10361 entitled An Act Instituting Policies for the Protection and Welfare of Domestic Workers prescribes that employers pay the monthly contribution of Kasambahays earning lower than P5,000. Here are the guidelines released by SSS in registration of employers and employees, and payment of member fees.

SSS Kasambahay registration steps

For Kasambahay (Employee), get an SSS number.

  • Go to SSS branch and fill-out the SSS E-1 form for Personal Records.
  • Submit the E-1 form with any 1 Primary IDs/documents, or 2 secondary IDs/documents (for list of Primary and Secondary IDs, check the complete guide below.sss logo
  • SSS will issue your SSS number immediately.

For Household Employer, get Household Employer ID number and Report employees

  • Go to SSS branch to fill‐out and submit SSS Form R‐1 for Employer Registration. No other documents required.
  • Once the SSS Employer ID is issued, you now report your employees by submitting the following filled-out forms:


  1. Employment Report Form (SSS Form R‐1A)
  2. Specimen Signature Card (SSS Form L‐501)

SSS payment for Kasambahay

The law mandates that the Household employers have the responsibility of paying the monthly contributions of Kasambahay and submission of quarterly Contributions Collection List.
In paying for contributions monthly, use SS Form R-5 and pay at SSS branches or accredited agents. Deadlines:
sss kasambahay registration payment deadlines

Fill‐out and submit Contributions Collection List (SSS Form R‐3) quarterly, together with a copy of
the SSS Form R‐5 (machine‐validated or with Special Bank Receipt).

For complete information, check the guidelines issued by SSS via their official site below:


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