PRC proposes 100% increase in examination, registration fees

The Professional Regulation Commission is proposing 100% increase in all types of fees and charges collected by the agency.

The proposal, which is posted in PRC website, noted that the Commission has last implemented fee hike in 2005. “Considering that there were no increases in fees and charges since 2005, the accumulated increases of at least 20% for every two years, had these been properly implemented, would have resulted to a total of 100% by now,” the published proposal stated.

If implemented, fees and charges will look like these:

Examination Fees

Baccalaureate Degree – From P900 to P1,800
Non-Baccalaureate Degree – From P600.00 to P1,200
Removal – From P450 to P900

Registration Fees

Baccalaureate (except for Maritime Professions) – From P600 to P1,200
Non-Baccalaureate – From P450 to P900
Marine Deck/Engineer Officers – From P600 to P1,200

A 100% increase is also proposed for Certification, Annual Registration and Miscellaneous Fees. Check out the complete details of proposal below:

What can you say about these proposed fee hike of PRC?


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